QNX 4.25 installation in latest dual core system

Hai iam trying to install qnx4.25 in latest dual core pc while booting frm…Cd after some second display will gone blank…but iam successfully installed through virtual machine in same system…pls suggest me how to install directly in system,

Girish G Nayak

I’m going to attempt a translation for others:

Hi, I am trying to install QNX 4.25 in the latest dual core pc by booting from a CD.
After a few seconds, the display goes blank.
I can install on a virtual machine on the same system.
Please tell me how to install directly.

First of all, QNX 4.25 does not support Dual core so at best you will be able to
run on just one processor.

The problem you are having sounds like a graphics driver problem.
This is not a big surprise.
Unfortunately the CD version of QNX 4.25 depends on getting the GUI Photon
running before installation.

You could try putting in an older graphics card.
Otherwise using the older floppy installation might work better.