QNX4 Zip drive dev name

In QNX4, Fsys.atapi mounts my IDE Zip drive as /dev/fd0. I’d like to be able to change that, say to /dev/zip0. Does anyone know how to do that? The “use” doesn’t mention removable types, and using /boot/build/install.1 as an example doesn’t help, (a) because it uses a totally different scheme than the “use” info and (b) it still doesn’t say anything about removable devices. Any ideas?

James Ingraham

Just a wild wild guess, can you use “mv” after it’s mounted to change the name?

Nice thought, but no. “mv: Block & character special files may not be moved.”

Presumably, there is some option I can pass to Fsys.atapi. For example, the “example” install.1 in /boot/build after a clean install from the CD has:

Fsys.atapi fsys -Ndsk0 -n0=hd0. -n5=cd0.

One would expect a -n option that has to do with removable / Zip drives. But since it’s not documented in either the help files or the “use Fsys.atapi” I don’t know what it should be.

James Ingraham[/code]

I don’t have a QNX4 system handy but my .boot files Run “Fsys.eide fsys -fhd” and the IDE ZIp drive shows up as /dev/hd1. Perhaps Fsys.atapi will work with a similar option.