Editing a file in OS Image


I have an Image file(.ifs) running on Target. I have connected the[b] target system to host system through ftp. i have one directory(folder) in target. I want to edit the file in the directory of target system through host system while image file is running target .

can anyone please help me …

Is it possible to edit the file ?

FTP? Why not qconn?

Anyway, if the file is inside the IFS, yes it is possible to edit, but not save/overwrite the file to the IFS. You would need to rebuild the IFS with the new version of the file. IFS is read-only.

If you want editable file on your target, it needs to be in a writeable file system, e.g. a flash filesystem based on a devf-* driver.


Thanks for your reply.

I have also checked with qconn(Momentics IDE). But only editing , but can’t save/overwrite the text file.(as you said exactly). in image file. when i am trying to save the edited file it is showing write function not implemented (chmod). but i have given all read/write permissions in buildfile.

can you please tell me the solution…
can we make the editable file using flash filesystem(i.e using mkefs) ? Is it bootable?
please suggest me how to make editable file in flash file system…

I am new to QNX .so please help me

I doesn’t matter what the permissions are if “write” is not implemented.

He did tell you the solution, use a flash file system.
You need both, mkifs and mkefs.
If you are using the flash file system with a flash device, it
will be editable.

Yes, flash file system is the solution. Usually you have one area at the beginning of the flash where the IFS is located. A second area is used for the file system. You usally create it with flashctl on the target.

mkefs is to create an ‘image’ of this file system to be written to flash. Alternatively, you can just copy files onto the flash file system.