io-audio problem

Hello Guys,

i have some problems with the io-audio.
when i boot the qnx-images, then it runs diskboot and then i get an error:

mount: Can't mount / (type io-audio)
mount: Possible reason: Invalid argument

when i make “pidin ar” the io-audio starts without any arguments.

now i start normally and slay io-audio to start manually.
then i type: io-audio -d intel_hda
because i have an Intel 945GM Chipset with intel hd audio.
but when i want to start the Audio Settings, the program says:

Unabel to open/read audio device control - no such file or directory"

and in /dev/ there is no folder names io-audio like the others :confused:

i hope somebody understand me :smiley:

with best regards


read this: … hda#p51414