how to deal with the key event?

I have two text widges,which named test1 and text2;
now I am inputing a character string to text1,
and when the last character I input is ENTER key,
the string in text1 is automated copied into text2 ,
how should I design the callback to deal with the key event?

who can help me?thank you!

Patience my friend, not everyone is in the same timezone as you, or checking that often. Not everyone answers when they know how either - most just lurk.

You want to attach a callback to the activate callback on your text1 widget. In the callback you want to get the text string from the text1 widget and set the text string to the text2 widget.

We know that the PtList does not have a horizontal scollbar,
but when the numbers of columns is excess the extent of the list,
some columns can’t be seen,so I want add a horizontal scollbar
for it,but I don’t know how to deal with it ,could somebody give me an
idea of design it?Thank you!