Virtual Com Port for QNX

I have an application working on windows PC. This PC is connected to a QNX target, which has some serial port. PC and QNX target connected using TCP/IP or UDP.

How my application working on windows can control the serial port on the QNX target? Is this related to virtual com ports? Can I find some source ready to be used for this purppose?

It will be very nice if you can help me or tell me something to search.

Your post is a little unclear. Are you running TCP/IP over the serial connection?

If the answer is yes, then it doesn’t make sense that the windows application could or would want to control the QNX serial port.
If the answer is no, and presumably you are running ethernet, then what do you mean by control the serial port?
From Windows you could run a telnet connection and then run any serial port controlling QNX program you want.
Otherwise you might run some custom server on QNX which you send commands to over TCP/IP, which in turn control
the serial port.

There’s nothing in my answer that is specific to QNX so I imagine you have some additional questions?