Problem USB Keyboard in Dell 380

I’ve tried installing the QNX 4.25 June 2011 on desktop Dell Optiplex 380 and it’s ok.
But the keyboard and mouse sometimes freeze and breakdown. I´ve tried to
start the usb driver’s but i’ve receveid the message that the usb “class init- no such file or directory”. If i type usb the message is “no usb controller” . I can’t use the usb keyboard. ?? :question:

If you can (PC is equipped with PS/2 connectors), it’s better to use PS/2 keyboard and mouse with QNX4 + Photon.

If you can’t (no PS/2 connectors) and you are using only QNX4 (without Photon) or only Photon (and don’t use QNX text console), you may experiment with USB Legacy support Enable/Disable BIOS Setup settings of the PC.

But until now there is no reliable support for USB keyboard and mouse in QNX4 + Photon.