QNX 6.5 Flash Demo??

I’ve tinkered with QNX since 2000 and remember the QNX4 floppy demo, and came across this review the other day that says that there’s a QNX 6.5 flash-drive demo?

It doesn’t make much sense to me since almost any OS can be installed and booted from a flash drive nowadays, so it’s not that big of a deal. Plus I couldn’t find anything on qnx.com.

Anyone know what gives?

Here’s the story: From Floppy to Flash: The New QNX Flash Demo

Is it possible you read about a “Flash” demo, as in Adobe Flash. It’s supported now.
I’m told the interface to the RIM/Blackberry playbook is “Flash”.

No, check the link. It talks about, and even links to, a QNX flash (drive) demo. Link’s broken atm, but that piece is specificailly about booting QNX from 256MB flash drives.

Ok, after reading the article I get what it’s about.

Yes you could install almost any OS from a flash drive.

Could you do a full installation from a 256Meg flash drive, with a full IDE? That would be a little trickier.

This follows a similar demonstration by about a decade. Back then they put a QNX 4 system with the Photon GUI, TCP/IP and a browser on a 1.44Meg floppy diskette. That was actually much more impressive.