QNX6 with EX-1015 PCI expansion box

We have a Toshiba notebook with QNX 6.5.0. For PCI cards we tried to use an EX-1015 (EXSYS) ExpressCard bus to 4x PCI slot expansion box. Under Windows Xp the expansion box works without any problem, and without any extra driver.
Under QNX the expansion box freezes the PC, during boot it can’t detect the EIDE controller. We tried to change the boot-image to stratup-apic+pci-bios-v2 without any positive result.
The expansion box has a Texas Instrument XIO2000A PCI bridge.
Is there any hope to use the expansion box under QNX6?

Check the argument to pci-bios*. From memory you can enable/disable scanning of bridges. Maybe that could help. There may be other options you can try as well, check the doc.