X apps show graphics with a blue tinge

I’ve got The Gimp (from repository) and ImageMagick (from source), and both show pictures with a very blue tinge, the pictures look fine in various Photon picture viewers. If I convert image formats with ImageMagick, the pictures it makes also have a very blue tinge, even when viewed in Photon viewers.

Anyone else seen this, any fixes available?



how blue? BGR->RGB parhaps?
I know there where some problems with the native libjpeg included with qnx that screwed up jpeg’s so they where displayed BGR.

Ah! I loaded up a picture into the The Gimp with lots of blue and red, and they were reversed, so I tihnk you’ve hit the nail on the head there. It seems to only affect JPEGs, so looks like it’s just libjpeg that messed up, is it a matter of compiling libjpeg from source?

Thanks for the help!


I think the libjpeg on the thirdparty cd is fixed.
I havn’t quite looked into this problem, so I don’t know if the problem is with the X11 apps or with the libjpeg included with photon…

Thanks for the tip, it solved all the problems on X, but the problem afflicts all my Photon apps now, with the exception of Voyager. Any ideas?