QNX 6.5 & Advantech AIMB-580

Just wondering if anyone has used QNX 6.5 on the Advantech AIMB-580 board, and would like to share their experience, any gotchas, etc.
advantech.com/products/AIMB- … 42BE4.aspx
community.qnx.com/sf/wiki/do/vie … echAIMB580


I would expect that Q57 is not fully supported and wondering if someone knows if video overlay and / or HW acceleration are supported with that chipset under QNX?!?!

Supports hw acceleration device id 0x42 with devg-intelhd.so driver (both vga and DVI work here).
Both ethernet chipsets 82583V and 82578DM supported by devnp-e1000.so.
So far so good but I don’t have a lot of time logged.

We are planning to use AIMB-580 board with QNX ported in 1 of our project.Please can you share your experience with the board.i am totally new to QNX programming…ur suggestion would be of g8 help

thanks for the reply…so all together seems would be good enough to work with