Networking requires a ping to get started

I am running QNX on the MPC8313RDB. When my image first boots any network related items do not work (e.g I cannot debug from QNX IDE). If I ping from the target to my host the problem is resolved and it remains so until I reboot. Does anyone have any idea how I can make networking work without having to ping every time my board is reset? ps -A shows the same processes are running before and after I start/kill ping.



How do you start networking in your boot image/sysinit file?

What is in your net.cfg file on your target machine?

How are you trying to reach your target machine from the IDE? By direct IP address or by hostname? If you ping from the host IDE machine to your target does it ever resolve?

One thing to be aware of. If you specify a nameserver and QNX is unable to reach it (because say you are directly connected and not connected to the internet in some manner) a ping command or any other network command can often take 45 seconds or more to resolve. Once it does to a specific host (where your IDE is) it remembers how to get there and things work fine. You didn’t say how long it takes before the ping fixes things so I thought I would mention this.