io-net loads ok, but no en0

I am using a d-link ethernet card that is on the compatibility list, the driver loads at startup but there is no en0 or en? in /dev/io-net.
I have done the following multiple times with no success:

slay io-net

io-net -drtl -ptcpip

I have also tried:

slay io-net

io-net -drtl -ptcpip if=en0:10.40 &

but it says that it doesn’t recognize “if” as an argument

any suggestions??

thanks in advance,

Oh, by the way I’m using the NC 6.2.1 fresh off

thanks again


‘if=…’ is only for the tiny (ttcpip) stack.
You’d have to use /etc/net.cfg + netmanager/phlip or ifconfig/route to setup ip/routes for the bigstack.

Try add some verbose options and look with ‘sloginfo’ what it reports. You can also try to specify vendor and device id for the device, which you can find using ‘pci -vvv’

Did you finish the install - after the original install, when you rebooted, did it install some more stuff? It needs to do that especially since one of the things installed ina new version of the driver for your network card.

If you did, try running nicinfo and posting the output (as well as the stuff phearbear asked for).

Sorry guys but I gave up and found another nic…this time a 3com. I put it in and it worked right away.
Thanks for your input.


rick is right. lots of people have problems with rtl driver, simply because they haven’t finished the QNX 6.2.1 installation. Check this thread:

In short, your “ls -l /lib/dll/” should have a timestamp of Jan of 2003.