qnxfs browser

It would be nice if we can have a Microsoft Windows File Explorer/manager plugin, or a standalone Windows application, to browse (read/write) QNX partitions. This will be great for us dual-booters. Sometimes, when I am in Windows, I need to copy/view a file on the QNX partition, and I have to reboot my machine, which is a big pain.

I am sure lots of people will want this software. If you have either followup this post, or send me a private message, we will see how much money we can collect to sponsor such a great project.

If you are a developer who has the skills for such an application, please let us know how much money you think it would worth you to spend time on doing it.

What you could do is repartition. :slight_smile: During my initial install, I set up a FAT partition that would be readable by all. Anthing I want to be transfered or shared, I store there…like .mp3s, images, whatever.

Anyway, it’s saves having to reboot.


Such a software is easy to make. Specially if you see that docs for QNX4FS are available in helpviewer and in include/sys/fs-qnx4.h

There is already a utility (GPL’ed) for ext2fs called Explore2fs (google it). explore2fs has all raw disk access framework ready… you only need a plugin that will understand qnx4fs instead of ext2fs. All low level things (disk access, block read etc) are taken care of by explore2fs’s library. Though read support would be easy, write support will take considerable effort.

IIRC, Igor is working on this… I haven’t talked to him in this regard recently but will find out when I see him. You too can drop in at #qnx and talk to him.


  • Mritunjai

Setting up a FAT for sharing the data will solve a lot of problems. But it would still be nice to be able to read qnx partitions from Windows. You will then be able to read OS files …

You’re in luck! There is such an app out there already called WinQfile.
For the life of me i cant find the url to grab it at, i believe i found the link on comp.os.qnx. Hope that helps out a bit, and good luck on the search. I have the file, but i dont remember who made it and therefor i cant ask for permission to upload it to my website.