QNX on Toshiva E740

Hey all, I been working hard porting linux on to my toshiba E740. I will be posting a howto / distro image on my site at forum.macrosofti.com

Now, I am not saying linux is bad because I run linux on pretty much everything. But, because ARM processor on the toshiba doesn’t have a floating point, and it’s only good with interger based software, X and other application is pretty slow. I have a LVS / QNX cluster that I run and I been using QNX since 4.24 erra. I am trying to port QNX on my toshiba E740. Now, I saw the project EQip on the web but that’s punching out the flash rom and for IPAQ PDAs. Has anyone done a port for a toshiba PDA??? Or anyone has experince in QNX boot loader from PPC?

You should be able to try to boot QNX with the PPC bootloader. Come onto irc and gimme a chat on #eqip or #qnx. I am always on, but not always at my keyboard. :slight_smile:

Actually you have been lamely taking credit for my and others hard work (and expense).

For the original port, look at mnementh.co.uk/


Has anyone tried this? Given all the work Spyro had to do to get Linux running, I wonder if the hardware is close enough for it to work at all.

`I don’t mind doing some work to test it out, but I’m not too keen on the notion of writing a test report that includes “bricked PDA” in the texecutive summary ;-)