NE2000 PCI is not detected under QNX Demo Disk

I have downloaded QNX Demo Disk and it seems to work pretty well except that it doesn’t detect my NE2000 PCI network card. It says that is supports NE2000, but I can’t get it to work. Am I missing something?

I assume you are talking about the very old QNX 4 demo on a floppy diskette?
Is that right?

I believe that that diskette came in more than one flavor, the most common one supporting only modem connections to the internet. That tells you how old the darn things is. Could it be you are running the wrong version?

I’m not really sure about this.

Yes, I am speaking about the QNX4 demo disk. I have tried two different disks and this one says it can’t find a NIC and tells me that if I can’t connect to web maybe I should get the Modem version, so I believe it is the Network Card one. Where I can find more recent free (as in free beer) version?