[dialer]please, DON'T wait for dialtone

on Linux, if I use Kppp, I can choose to make the modem wait for dialtone or not. my modem is a bit strange :slight_smile: , I can’t connect if the option is set to “wait for dialtone”. so, I can’t connect from QNX! :cry: (it always waits)
what can I do? on the Dialer I can’t see that option!

excuse the english :unamused:


i’ve seen on the terminal “ATDP(phone number)” usually is ATDT … hmmm how can I change it?

I haven’t used dialup for many years since I moved to broadband and am not sure how the Photon dialer works. But you could try the ppp dialup script as discussed at openqnx.com/PNphpBB2+viewtopic-t-1617-.html


thanks I’ll try