About RAID support on QNX6.5.0

Hi all,

I am a newbie in QNX and RAID. We have a RAID subsystem model:-Eonstar S16F-R1430.
I hope the following link shows the specifications:-
dscon.ru/infortrenddocs/ES_S … S_v1.2.pdf

It is using Fibre channel which connects to PCI express card slot. RAID is already configured as RAID5.

What I need to do to get this RAID subsystem working in my QNX machine?

Honey S

You probably can’t. QNX doesn’t have drivers for RAID.

The specs do say it is supported in Red Hat Linux. You’ll need to get the source code for those drivers and convert it to QNX yourself.

That may be a non-trivial amount of work.


This device seems to have it’s own onboard RAID controller.
If so, you don’t need a QNX RAID driver.
The real problem is Fiberchannel.
I don’t think there is any support for Fiberchannel under QNX.
I investigated writing a driver for a Fiberchannel card in the last year.
Only one of the three companies whose boards we looked at provided
example source code. None were willing to provide any technical
specifications on the boards, or any help.
The project looked monumental, an order of magnitude more difficult than a SCSI driver.

There are similar device that use SCSI interfaces to the host.
You would only need a QNX supported SCSI card to access such a device.

Ok. Thanks for the information Mashoen.