QNX on Cloud

has anyone tried to take QNX box put it up in the cloud service? I’ve done my quick research and looked at Azure,Amazon EC2, vCloud, etc… but can’t seem to figure this out. What I would like to do is install QNX and make its services available in the web, but I don’t want to maintain my server/hw and domain name etc…

You’re not being very clear about what you want. Part of that might be the use of a nebulous term like “the cloud”. It sounds like you want a QNX server off somewhere (like heaven) running for you, but without having to plug it in? Is that right? Like most Unix/Linux servers, you can provide all manner of services if you have a server and a location, either fixed IP or domain.

You can probably run QNX on a virtual server somewhere, though usually such services come pre-installed with some OS like Linux. I’m not sure what running QNX would buy you over Linux.

I guess I left my question little open ended because I’m not looking for a particular solution but rather wanted to see if anyone has tried to run QNX as a server in the internet and if so what approach was taken other than the traditional physical server box that you moved from your office to some big warehouse. I know Amazon offers various linux flavor and I guess I can port my qnx service code but I just wanted to do it in QNX. I think VMware might have a solution in running my QNX vmware img but I can’t seem it figure out their offering and how it all works together. The bottom line is that I would like to run my QNX in some virtual server.

QNX runs fine in VMWorkstation and ESX 4.0.

I know, I do run it in vmworkstation, but this is just local, but what is ESX 4.0? Does this allow you to run vm img up in the cloud?

You keep using that buzz word “cloud”. It would help to know what you think it means. I run a server with http, ftp and whatever I want in my basement. As far as I’m concerned, it’s in the cloud. Wherever I am, if I have internet access, I can get to it. Move it to a big warehouse, what’s the difference?

Messages containing the word ‘cloud’ should be filtered out. ;)

ESX 4.0 is what runs the clould ;-) Basically if Amazon and other “cloud” provider use ESX there is nothing preventhing it to run a QNX virtual machine.

I agree with Thunderblade , cloud is way too vague a term. For some it’s a file server, for some it’s the ability to run an operating system somewhere outhere. We do have our own cloud(…) here, it’s running ESX 4.0 and runs a bunch of virtual machines, from a Windows Server machine running Exchange server to running QNX6 virtual machines and Linux VM for web/ftp server.

I think the most accurate description of “The Cloud” is a marketing term. Just to talk with a marketing guy and you’ll find out what it is (hint: anything you want ) :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree that the “cloud” term is vague, I use it as putting services in the internet where you don’t have to manage any hardware and other load/balancing issues. But yes, it could be anything.
I ran into these two companies that use VMware vCloud express solution and I think this was exactly what I was looking for. Just upload your VM and let them manage all the HW since I don’t want to do that ;)
thanks for all the good discussion as always.