Tundra Universe II

Hello Friens.

My question is directed to those who worked with PCI-VME bridge Tundra Universe II.

How I can assighn to this device any interrupt line??? My pci-bios prog assighn to this bridge 10 IRQ. I want to assign 3 IRQ.

Asked and answered I think. If your BIOS is assigning it, you need to go into the user interface to the BIOS and see if you can manually change it. If you can’t, then maybe you shouldn’t be trying? If that’s not the case you will need to find out about the hardware interface to PCI. I could be wrong, but I don’t think anyone here has that expertise.

No. I haven’t this option in bios. I try to write needed value to misc register (PCI_MISC1 register) of Tundra. But unsuccessfully ( I use pci_write_config32 function.).

I want to assighn to Tundra Universe II highest IRQ.

How about this? Why do you want to change the interrupt?

I want , that interrupt from Tundra Universe II have highest priority.

In QNX 4 there was a boot up parameter to tell the kernel which interrupt you wanted to be the highest. There may still be such a parameter for QNX 6, but you will have to look for it.

In QNX6 I think the only way to change interrupt priority is by writing a new startup-XXXX. Changing register without letting the OS know about this can be bad.

How to tell OS new interrupt info???