QNX on VMWARE server

I’m trying to run QNX on vmware server that is hosted by Terremark (vCloud Express). I made it boot to QNX from CD but it can’t detect the HD because it uses vSCSI. I tried to start various SCSI driver manually but it is not working. Does anyone have any suggestion, the HW information from “pci -v” is:

class= mass storage (SCSI)
vendor ID = 1000h, LSI Logic / Symbios Logic
Device ID = 30h, 53c1030 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI
PCI index = oh

PCI IO Address = 1400h length 256 enabled

Interrupt line ==11

See if devb-ncr8 is on 6.5 and if it works. Otherwise look for other VMWare options. It’s hard to believe it doesn’t support EIDE, and/or ATAPI, and or some AHA (Adaptec) controller.

okay, I’ve tried qnx 6.3.2 devb-ncr8 but it didn’t work, do you think 6.5.0 might have more chipset support? I know, I was disappointed when Terremark only supported LSI Logic vSCSI.

The QNX hardware database says no.

If they are using ESX 4.0 IDE is support if it’s an older version ( I’ve played with 3.?) you can use the btmm driver however you have to specify the pci did and vid.

IDE is not an option so I guess they are using 3.0??
I didn’t know you could specify vid,did with btmm driver? the doc only shows ioport and irq.

My mistake, you have to use pci -v to obtain the port and interrupt and then start the btmm driver with these value. From memory these values never changed from reboot to reboot. I assume that if one changed the VM config then it could change.

I actually ran this and it returns “no btmm interface found”… :frowning:
Maybe I should try it with 6.5? not 6.3.2?

Probably haven’t touch 6.3.2 in a LONG time.