Is QNX compatible to S-ATA hardware? I can’t seem to install to an S-ATA drive. Whether its a Raid or not QNX always says, i have no Harddisk.
Since the installation of operating systems to S-ATA drives is always somewhat tricky (F6 during Win2k installation and driver disk…) i thought that maybe there is a solution for QNX too. Maybe anyone has a suggestion :slight_smile: ?

I may be wrong, but I don’t think QNX 6 supports that hardware.

You may be able to try your luck but playing with the BIOS to map SATA to PATA/EIDE/ …

I tried that but QNX still couldn’t see the hds. I put an additional IDE drive in now :angry:

At first I thought it would work (I thought it was register compatible), but it’s now obvious to me it’s not. Even Windows XP need a special driver disk during install to support it (at least on my motherboard).

I looked at the mapping of the SATA controle with the pci command and it look way different then IDE ;-(