QNX MOST TDK still available?


I’ve been looking for the QNX MOST TDK, but can’t find it anywhere.

I’ve not been able to find it on the QNX website at all.

Is the MOST TDK still supported and available anywhere?

I’ve inherited some legacy code and am really looking for the MOST documentation so that I can make heads and tails of what the apps are doing. Can’t currently build them either because I am missing all the dependencies. Just the headers would be a start!



I'm sorry to say that your post smells a lot like an attempt to get access to spam us here.    If that's so, be prepared to be booted immediately.  

 If you are using QNX, what version?   Some are supported, some are not.   When you say "MOST" I have no idea what you are talking about.   Is that a particular application?


QNX Most TDK: qnx.com/news/pr_1156_4.html

It’s a toolkit to access the MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) optical bus. It’s used for audio applications over cheap plastic fibre.

I’m having trouble finding information about it. I can’t even see it on the QNX website, except for the press releases as linked above.

I want to know if it is still supported / sold and where I can get the documentation /code for it so that I can figure out how it is used.

Sorry about the spam dig. We get a lot here. I see a lot of press releases from QNX about Auto industry products. That is one of their big markets. At least they thought so before RIM.

I’ve never seen the TDK anywhere. I suspect if you are in the auto industry you go to QNX directly and tell them you want it. So that is what I suggest that you do. Do you have a sales rep?

Thanks for the info. I was hoping I had missed the TDK on QNXs website and it was easily downloadable as I’m on a tight schedule.

Will contact our QNX sales rep and see if they can get it. Hopefully quickly!