Installing *.tarx package

Hello, all!

May I extract files from *.tarx package without pkginstall and Photon?

sorry you can’t.
QSS introduced the proprietary *.tarx format over the old *.tar.F (and *.tar.gz) format, when they started to deliver QNX4 and software using the CDROM. Now, graphics is a must for the install. I personally think this is a step backward. Lots of people complained about this in various newsgroups and I don’t see the light that they will change.

Is there a utility available for creating *.tarx packages?

guess it is very “proprietary” ;)

Rumor has it QSS likes the *.tarx format a lot and decides to use it in QNX 6 too, starting next release (is it called QNX 6.3?) :frowning:

Hmm this tarx format really isn’t good, i cant see a good way to see whats in the tarx before installing it, also on some machines I cannot seem to get photon going (probably crusty old video cards), Why wont QNX listen to what their customers say about this format? it doesnt feel very open…

this is very irritating… produce a simple software update that cant be installed (we dont even use photon!)

So can someone enlighten me as to how i install .tarx TCPIP 4.25patch C (documentation) and patch D without photon? we don’t buy photon.

I have the same problem.
I have not the phinstall and I need some methods that can extract these *.tarx files.

Anybody can help me ?

contact your QNX rep, its the only way. It starts to get really messy really quickly.