how to connect postmortem debugger to remote core dump

I’m developing on a Windows host connecting to my target via qconn, my app bombs out producing a core file, which I then manually copy over to my Windows host where I attach the pm-debugger, so… please can someone tell me how to connect to the remote core file via qconn? is there some clever workaround that I’m not doing? any tips here greatly appreciated. thanks :slight_smile:

ow to connect to the remote core file via qconn?
Create a new “Debug Configuration” - but instead of selecting type “qconn” as you normally do, select “Post-Mortem Debugger”.

thanks, I’ve done that, the problem is I’m not debugging natively on the Qnx host but on my windows laptop, thus the core file is located on the qnx target and I’m trying how to attach to the core file without physically copying it to my laptop first.

You can`t, you must copy the corefile on your host.

ok, thanks for the reply

Technically you can map the QNX drive via Samba or some other mechanism and avoid copying it to your Windows machine.