can you attach to a pci card over qnet?

I’ve got a pci card on another host, and I’m not sure if I can attach directly to it or not via Qnet? is this possible, if not I’ll either buy another card or write a process to wrap the IO but I thought I’d ask. Thanks

clarifiying my question:
Both hosts are QNX, connected via Ethernet, one of them’s got a PCI digital IO card in it (in its PCI bus) another host wants to access (pci_attach) this IO directly via QNet? is this possible?

You should read your post and imagine you are someone trying to figure out what you are asking. It would be helpful in the future.

You have a PCI card on another host. What kind of card? Network? Ethernet? What type of host? QNX? Other? You want to attach directly to it. What does that mean? Connect an ethernet cable, if it is an ethernet card, if it is a network card? What does connect directly mean? Ethernet generally needs a hub of some kind. There is a switch cable? As far as I know it limits you to 10Mbit if it works at all.

I can’t figure out what buying another card would do you for you, or what your process to wrap the IO would do.

@m, FYI - I’ve tightened up my question a bit.

Even this is undecipherable. Did you tighten it up and post it above? Did you tighten it up and try to post it (but apparently fail). Really, we’d like to help you, but give us a chance.

[host1, which has an IO card plugged into its pci bus] <—ethernet cable—> [switch] <----ethernet cable—> [host2, this one doesn’t have any IO cards]

Can host2 access host1’s IO via QNet?

this is the IO card.

Aha! I see you updated your original post. Assuming you have an I/O manager (driver) for the card on host1, you can access the driver and therefore the device directly. The program on host2 would open the device /net/host1/dev/pio_card. QNET would make almost everything transparent. Calls such as open(), read(), write(), devioctl() will take a little longer because of the network. Otherwise all should be fine.

ahh, cool, thanks for the reply, I’ll look into this after the break. Have a Merry Christmas :slight_smile: