QNX Install/boot

Back History: I have the QNX 6.2 NC image and the CD boots into install fine! I have it installed on the first patition on a drive so that it will be used as my only OS. No Duel Booting. One of the two problems I have running the OS after installing is with video modes. After changing the graphics-modes file to reflect the working resolution and depth the OS boots to the Photon Login just fine.

Issue Summary: Upon reaching the Photon Login screen it wants to auto scan my ports/connections/other stuff and it just locks up. The mouse freezes in place at the corner of the scans’ progress bar.

Attempted fixes: I have checked alternate boot methods and the only thing that works is to boot into “Safe Mode” without Photon. The only problem seems to be with Photon. Any other options after the spacebar is pressed at boot time seem to have nothing to do with my issue.

Any suggestions on what to edit/create/boot options/other forum posts/threads?

I’m failry Linux/windows/mac savvy and I collect OSes. I’ve never seen this kinda problem before and I can’t seem to find anyone with this issue in the forums.

try this:
During booting up, press ‘space’ > F11 > disable enumerator for pnpisa

This will disable some of the “scanning”.

Sounds good… I’ll give it a try next time Linux gets boring and I need a new OS to tinker with. I’ll probably be posting about my Belkin 54G wireless card next if I get QNX running… :slight_smile: