diagnostics KVM switch in QNX 6.5

I have KVM(ATEN CS 1642) switch and connected to it usb-mouse, usb-keyboard and two dvi displays. KVM controls switching between two computers (QNX 6.5). I need to get information about connected input-output devices(mouse, keyboard, displays). Operating system utilities determine only emulated switch devices. I.e. call hidview displays Aten mouse and Aten keyboard, even if they actually pull out of the KVM. Can I get a list of actually connected IO devices programmatically?

Your problem is not QNX but is the KVM. The USB mouse and keyboard are hiding behind the KVM. If the KVM revealed this information to the OS then it would be visible. But clearly it does not, which is why you are posting. If there is a way to get the information, you will have to contact KVM about it. I rather doubt it. Even if it is available, you probably would have to write your own USB mouse and keyboard drivers to obtain it.

But this of course begs the question, why do you think you need this. Both the mouse and keyboard are USB class devices. CLASS devices are by definition standardized. They are all the same. So why would you need to differentiate between two functionally identical devices? Hmmmm?