card QNX -> SPI

I work on a robot. To control it in real time, we’re gonna use QNX and we need a card which can give us an SPI output. Would anyone know which card would allow us to obtain
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Well, SPI is a pretty simple protocol. You should be able to do it in software with any DIO card. The other really easy way to achive this interface is to get a very basic uControler board that has RS232 and SPI and just write a bit of code for the uC that takes the RS232 data and sends it out over SPI, and vise-versa. I have done such a board in the past for robotic control, but to do PWM for a stepper motor.

Thank you for your answer. Would you know if there is a (or some) precise commercial card which would be already able to be connected to the computer and a robot ? So we could order it immediatly and adapt it easily.
thank you.