gethostbyname() ???

Is there something missing here? Or am I missing something?

Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.


Oops… meant to say gethostidI()… the caffeine is wearing off!

What are you trying to do exactly? :slight_smile:

Drink more coffee, take your time, ask again! :slight_smile:

Not a problem really, we “rolled our own” with the calls that are there. Not particularly hard, but there’s a lot of grief with the overall port… this is ultimately to be Erlang on 6.2.1. The latest problem is the filename lengths. We have the compiler running somewhat, but it’s grievously difficult to cope with the Erlang makefiles in this environment.

gethostid() is not supported.

As for the long filename, QNX 6.2.1 does support that. Click FAQ on the left on how to enable that.

Thanks on the Filenames. That is not something I would have guessed. When I start reading a FAQ that explains how to spell qnx I tend not to reach the bottom of it, which is where this was buried :slight_smile:


understandable ;)

but if you are like me, doing a google search of “qnx long filename”, you will get to that FAQ directly.

It is thankfully the default with dinit in 6.3.0. (long file names)