Compilation problem

I have a source code for an application developed and compiled on QNX 4. Now I need to make it compile for QNX 6.2.1. When I try to compile it gives me error like:

module.h: No such file or directory
ntocam.h: No such file or directory
simq.h: No such file or directory
i86.h: No such file or directory
conio.h: No such file or directory

I know that QNX4 uses Watcom compiler while QNX 6.2.1 uses gcc compiler. Do I need to install some standard C library also?

My approach is to usually just comment out the old includes and turn up the warnings to see the warnings about functions with no prototypes. Then I find the appropriate include file for the new system to get rid of the warnings. The functions I can’t find headers for are generally the ones which don’t exist in the new system.

Having said all that, going from QNX4 to QNX6 is generally easy (I have done it many times with different customers). It is however a good opportunity to review the design and perhaps update it to take advantage of some of Neutrinos features.

module.h ntocam.h and simq.h are NOT QNX4/QNX6 header files and I have no idea were they are from, my guess is it’s from your own application ;-). i86 and conio.h are QNX4 only