printing cyrillin on a LaserJet 1100 with QNX 6.2


I’ve been tasked with printing Russian (Cyrillic) alphabet from a custom non-gui C++ application running under QNX 6.2.

The application currently has CodePage850 support (via a translation table) for printing Western European languages and special characters, i.e. accented characters in French, German, Spanish, etc.

ISO8859-5 provides Cyrillic and I’ve added a comparable translation table.

This is likely insufficient since the translation tables (CP 850 and ISO8859-5) convert from Unicode to single 8-bit characters and it’s not clear how to tell the LaserJet 1100 that the 8-bit codes refer to the different character set.

Information on printing in Cyrillic for a LaserJet with QNX is desired.

Has anybody done this? Can you point me to a tech note, or a HOWTO, or a useful URL?

Thank you.


I hope you get a knowledgable answer here, but I have to point out that the solution to your problem has little to do with QNX. If you are writing from a C/C++ program without using Photon, you are writing directly to the printer. For better or worse, supporting a different character set is completely in your hands.