Eclipse Stack Overflows

After working a while under Eclipse while excessively using photon applications like filemanager, voyager, mozilla, ped and so on, i often get a Stack Overflow and Eclipse asks if it should end itself. If one agrees it saves all open files at least. After going down Photon is unstable and most of the time i have to kill it with Strg+Alt+Shift+Backspace because it doesn’t react anymore. The eclipse logfile always shows a java.lang.StackOverflowError

I know that one can tell j9 how big the stack size should be with the -Xss parameter. I guess, i could somehow enlarge the stack for Eclipse by modifying /opt/share/eclipse/

because there is a parameter -vmargs behind exec $ECLIPSE/eclipse

Did anyone run into similar problems and could solve them by enlarging the stack size? If so, what size would be appropriate and what would the correct notation for the line in be?

exec $ECLIPSE/eclipse -vmargs -Xss12345?

P.S. If such stack overflow occured, i have to reboot or Eclipse will produce another error with any action (even after restarting photon).

I tried the script but it seems to be a remains of the installation procedure, because after executing it, it shows a welcome screen and my eclipse looks like fresh installed so this is probably not the location to fumble with :open_mouth:

i noticed /opt/usr/bin/eclipse-launcher definetely needs /opt/share/eclipse/

I found some suggested options for J9 1.5 and Eclipse and since i set the last line of my to

exec $ECLIPSE/eclipse -vmargs -ms:32 -mm:2048 -mo:32768 -moi:32768 -mca:32 -mco:128 -mx:2000000 -nojit -Dswt.system.font=TextFont08

it didn’t crash again. Maybe that was the trick, i will test it for a while


A couple things…

What version of QNX and Eclipse are you using?

Take a look at your free memory. Do a ‘pidin in’ before you run eclipse, while using it, and after the program crashes.

Make sure that after you quit eclipse, that j9 is not still running ‘pidin -P j9’

This may not help, but it will help provide us with more info so we can try to help you.

I run
QNX 6.2.1
Eclipse 2.1
CDT 1.1
J9 1.5

At no time i have less than 1900MB free memory (had spin running), thats why i thought it would be a problem with the stack size rather than free memory. But i think

-ms:32 -mm:2048 -mo:32768 -moi:32768 -mca:32 -mco:128 -mx:2000000

did the job. At least i had no crashes for the last hours and i pushed quite hard with nearly any application open, i could find.

Dude, I am seriously jealous.

You never had less than approx. 8X the total amount of memory I have in my system…