Is QNX 6.5.0 support Intel GMA3510 graphics card?

My embedded computer is installed an Intel GMA3510 graphics card. Now it cannot boot into Photon and can only used in text mode.
Can I add a line in /etc/system/enum/devices/graphics like this?
device(pci, ven=8086, dev=???) # Intel GMA3510
I don’t still know which number should be for dev, so ??? is used.


Try starting photon with the -s option. That should put you into a compatible graphics mode, maybe 800x600. Then use the graphics configuration program.

If you want to update the enum file, run “pci -v” to find out the device-id.

You may be stuck with just VESA support. The QNX hardware database does not list GMA3510.

The listed Intel drivers are,,,, or if you want to try them.

Thank you!
I have downloaded the latest i830 graphics drive from … dUtilities.
It is ok now. Thank you for valuable instructions.