QNX support for Intel® Server Board


We had installed QNX 6.4.0 on Sun server Sun fire 2250 (with SATA harddisk ,2 Qued core Xeon processor)
Did any one has tried installing QNX 6 to any of Intel Server Boards?


Yes don’t recall the model number. Currently we use SuperMicro motherboard and are happy with it.

Thanks for quick reply.
Well we were looking forward to try on Intel Xeon E5 and E7 processor.
Can you please post complete system configuration or else exact processor and motherboard numbers.


SuperMicro X9DRT E5-26XX use in dual CPU configuration, 32Gig ram
SuperMicro X9DTU Xeon 5600 use in dual CPU configuration, 16Gig ram

Don’t have intel board in-house ( they aren’t made anymore ) we didn’t like them, not very reliable.

Note that on all of these we don’t use the graphic cards (it’s Matrox), we run a virtual session of Photon that can only be accessed via Phindows.

The X9DRT is a nice format, we can have 4 of these boards in a 2U enclosure. Packs quite a bit of punch in little space.