QNX/QT application without Photon Fonts


I’ve a task to port an existing QT application of our company to a Harman device running on QNX. I’m still new to QT and to QNX so I decided to create simple QT application first. I managed to create and run such application on VirtualBox hosted QNX x86. I still fails to run this application build for armle-v7 on the above device. The problem is that the OS on the device doesn’t have anything related to photon - no ph, no phfont, etc. When I start the QT application on the divce it says - “QFontDatabase: Cannot find font directory /usr/photon/font_repository - is Qt installed correctly?”. I see that there is no /usr/photon and of course no /usr/photon/font_repository at all. I probably could create the needed folder and set needed fonts inside, but this seems to me a little hacky? There should be another way for setting the needed fonts of this QT application?

I know that the root of the problem is that the Harman is modified too much the OS, but I can’t change this fact.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.