how do i append text to a multi line.

I have a timer that loops forever. i want to log the results in a multiline.
how do i append data to the multiline?
do i have to keep copying the data out of it and then post it back?

[code]void* function( void* arg )
struct timespec start;
struct sigevent event;
struct itimerspec itime;
timer_t timer_id;
int chid;
int rcvid;
my_message_t msg;

	   chid = ChannelCreate(0);

	   event.sigev_notify = SIGEV_PULSE;
	   event.sigev_coid = ConnectAttach(ND_LOCAL_NODE, 0,chid,_NTO_SIDE_CHANNEL, 0);
	   event.sigev_priority = getprio(0);
	   event.sigev_code = MY_PULSE_CODE;
	   timer_create(CLOCK_REALTIME, &event, &timer_id);

	   itime.it_value.tv_sec = 1;
	   //itime.it_value.tv_nsec = 500000000;
	   itime.it_interval.tv_sec = 1;
	   //itime.it_interval.tv_nsec = 500000000;
	   timer_settime(timer_id, 0, &itime, NULL);

	   int		enter_result;	// Resulting of entering the Photon library lock

	   char *text="we got a pulse from our timer\n";
	   PtArg_t args[1];
	   PtSetArg(&args[0], Pt_ARG_TEXT_STRING, text, 0);

	   while(quit == 'n')
	       rcvid = MsgReceive(chid, &msg, sizeof(msg), NULL);
	       if (rcvid == 0) { /* we got a pulse */
	            if (msg.pulse.code == MY_PULSE_CODE)
	            	PtSetResources(ABW_output, 1, args);

	                clock_gettime(CLOCK_REALTIME, &start);
	            } /* else other pulses ... */
	       } /* else other messages ... */


return( 0 );


What do you mean by multiline. I don’t understand what you want to do.

Tim … ytext.html

thanks maschoen that is what i needed.