Changine display settings causing a system hang

I’m trying to setup a fresh install of qnx 6.5 and when i try to change any of the paramters in the display config panel in photon, the os goes to the command line, prints the following messages and the hangs

the output on the command line is:
Waiting for the Input driver to startup…
Waiting for the window manager to startup…
Waiting for the desktop manager to startup…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I assume you can get past this in the default low resolution, or you can function in text mode.

If so, run the command “pci” or maybe “pci -vvv” and find out the VID and DID of your video card.
Then go to the QNX hardware search engine and see if you can find a matching driver.
If not, then try the VESA driver.
If none of this works, you are probably SOL in 640 x 480 unless you want to write your own driver.

There’s your problem. Photon? For QNX it doesn’t exist anymore. They deprecated it.