Hi everyone,

I’ve got RTP 6.1 installed on an a PC
with a 3dfx Voodoo3000 card in,
and tried installing the Unreal Tournament

The package installer never shows any
packages to install, just a blank page!

After much fiddling about with gunzip and tar,
I managed to see that the files are all there,
just the installer doesn’t do anything with it.
Manually extracting all the files almost worked -

  • it starts, but then core-dumps moaning about
    a missing package…

Has anyone got it to work?
Every time I’ve tried in the past, it either
won’t download, the packager doesn’t like
the archive, or it just plain crashes…

Bummer, I want to try UT on QNX…

Did you get from here:
qnx.com/developer/download/c … games.html
I got it here, installed and runs fine. I’m on 6.2.1 though.