Please help

hello everybody,
I have a very serious problem with QNX and i will describe it in details .
in my company we have QNX 6.2.1 installed on diskonchip MD 2202 d128 on a very old cpu board manufactured by (lippert )
few months ago we needed an alternative sbc so i suggested a new one
the new sbc has the ability to boot from a CF card
the questions are
how do copy QNX from the diskonchip to the new CF ?
i have bought this

it’s a pc 104 diskonchip socket
i also have bought this mother board " it has a disk on chip socket "

long story short
i have diskonchip with the mentioned above hardware and i need to make an exact copy or image and move it to CF and it will function without problems
please help me i’m out of ideas , some people told me that there is no way to view the files on that diskonchip and copy them under windows

waiting for your ideas guys :neutral_face:

I’ve learned not to say never, but it is very unlikely you will find a way to look at the files under Windows.

Making a copy of the diskonchip files will most likely do you no good. Your device is an embedded system. It probably only has the drivers for the hardware that it is using. The diskonchip driver is very different from a Compact Flash driver.

You could try to obtain a QNX 6.21 development system, then create a boot image and file system environment, and try to move over the programs. This might work, but might not. It all depends on what hardware your application expects to find.

If you have the source code, you could obtain a recent QNX 6.5 system and try to port, of course that would involve knowing a lot about QNX. If that is a possibility but you don’t want to do it yourself, there are QNX consultants who monitor this board.

thanks for your reply
still feeling frustrated :cry:
the problem is i have never used QNX and i have no idea what to do with this situation.
i’m willing to give 5k if somebody can make this work with no problems
one more question
how do i get to the GUI of that version of QNX ?

hello everybody
(maschoen thank you for your reply and information)

i also wanted to mention the the CF will be used on another embedded , and it supports QNX so even though it supports QNX i still need drivers to run QNX on that board ???
i though i can just copy the image from the diskonchip to the CF and decompress it there and it will work
here is a pic of the new sbc board .

and let’s say it’s impossible to view those files under windows
how can i transfer the image from the old SBC ? any means, methods ?

everybody please accept my appreciation for your kind replies i know i keep asking for things

I’m willing to do some work to evaluate whether this is possible. You can contact me at

The big problem I see is lack of source code. If something doesn’t work in your application, it won’t be possible to fix it.

Are you asking how to get the version of Photon (The QNX GUI) for 6.21? Well you need a 6.21 development system.
Does your application use a GUI?

Will you please post the manual for the ‘old’ board here or eMail it to me ? Not the commercial leaflet, but the tec docs.
Regards, Helge