How to fit the application image on Phindow?

I’ve some problem to use Phindow to access the application which is larger in size.

Whn I use phindow and then provide the size of 1500 by 600, What I got when Phindow
launched, the screen is only about 1350 by 600 which is about the full screen size of
my laptop screen size. This result in some of the image part of the image cannot be seen.

How can I use phrelay to fit the application to the Phindow so that when I call phindow
the whole image can be seen and capture? What service should I call when using phrelay
configuration file.

Larger in size than what? Larger than your Windows monitor?
Are you connecting to an existing Photon session.
I believe in this case, Phindows will give give scroll bars.
I don’t think there’s a feature to squeeze a larger image into a smaller one.

Yes, larger than my window monitor.
Yes, I’am connecting with existing Photon Session (at least 1500 x 600)
I do not see any scroll bars.

Is it possible to connect with new Photon Session to fit the application image into
a small size like 1200 by 600?

Hmmm. Well I played around with it. To my surprise, the application does do window squeezing and stretching. It seemed somewhat buggy however.

If it doesn’t do what you want, I’m afraid that there is no support for Photon anymore. I’d suggest you get a larger monitor on your client side.