qnxinstall command not working in 6.5

qnxinstall command is working in 6.2.0 QNX OS.

But it is not working in 6.5 QNX. So how to install the s/w into the QNX 6.5 OS

Install what software ?

have to install “umm-pttrend.qpr”(PtTrend for UMM for x86)…

in 6.2.0 i installed by using qnxinstall command…

but in 6.5.0 the qnxinstall command is not working

You say “not working” but you don’t say what that means.
I was under the impression that 6.5 no longer had qnxinstall.

ya you are right. qnxinstall was not there in 6.5

So what is the right command to install the file which i mentioned in the previous post.

I think you would have to install on a 6.2 machine and copy over yourself.

Do you have the package files from 6.2? They end in .qpm or .qpk?

If you have that, you can list the contents of the qpm file using the following tar options:
tar -ztf filename.qpm
You can extract it using
tar -zxf filename.qpm

This extracts the contents to a folder called public in your LOCAL directory. You then copy the contents to the appropriate place.

Where is the appropriate place? Well that’s contained in the qpk file which is just a text file you can edit. It’s not very user friendly but you can muddle through if search for ‘Dir name’ in the file and that shows where the files should reside. So if you see something like ‘dir name’ = usr, ‘dir name’ = ‘help’, ‘dir name’ = product’, ‘dir name’ = SomedirectoryIjustextracted then you know somedirectoryIjustextracted goes in /usr/help/product.