Critical Alert for QNX Software Development Platform6.5.0SP1

Critical Alert for QNX Software Development Platform IO-PKT

patch ID 4004 for QNX Software Development Platform 6.5.0 SP1 says
Under certain conditions, the rolling-over of an internal io-pkt timer will cause the timer that’s responsible for controlling TCP state machine timeouts to malfunction”

This issue is also reported for Other QNX versions 6.4,6.3 etc also.
I want to test whether the current devices running on QNX is effected or not. Does any one know what is this “Certain Conditions” or how to test this or simulate these conditions. Any help will be much appreciated.

I don’t know how my posting got here. I was answering a question on another thread? Problems with the Database engine here?

It’s rather hard to diagnose what is wrong with your software without seeing any code, although I’m not sure seeing it would help either.

In your situation I would suggest the following strategy. Go back to the working version. Make very small incremental changes and test each one. When you run across a change that causes the problem, post what the change was and/or ponder carefully why it might be causing the problem.

Thank you for the reply. Actually i didn’t find any issue to my system/devices. But this patch says there is an issue with previous QNX versions which is critical. So i want to test my system/devices, whether they have this issue. My requirement is to know the procedure in which i can test my device. We all have heard about heart bleed where we don’t have a choice than to update all our systems. There was testing procedure described to check whether our machine’s are effected. Similar to that i want to know how to test whether i am effected.