Problems with screen frequency on GeForce2

I’m a new to QNX. I tried to install the system and it asked me to
select video driver and resolution. I was able to set frequency to 80.
But after finishing instalation screen was “flashing” and frequency
was set to 60 and frequency 80 wasn’t available. I have GeForce2 video card.
Do you know what can cause this problem?



Can you check your video config? sounds like you are using the vesa driver. If so, you will have to download the “advanced” vesa driver in order to be able to change the refresh rate:

Since nVidia is not willing to provide info for 3rd parties to write video drivers, you generally have to use the vesa driver - and the one noc is pointing to is much better than the default one. There may be a driver you can use with that chipset, but it is really hit and miss, so if it doesn’t work, go with the vesa one.

Sorry, I am VERY new to QNX
I was wondering…
Will the same thing go with 6.2.0?

and where do I have to put the files from that tar.gz mentionned above?
Once again I apologize for my incompetence, but I can hardly accept those 60Hz… :frowning:
Thanks in advance.

As root go to /lib/dll and rename or move the original vesa driver ( Then copy or move the driver from the tar.gz to there (/lib/dll). Open graphics config and reselect the vesa driver. You should now be able to use a higher refresh rate.

Geforce2 does have a driver somewhat, you can use the tnt driver, but you wont get 80hz. I get 75 fine and 85 is too much and screen scrambles. Try both drivers out and see what works best for you.

Cheers :smiley:

I’m an idiot. I forgot to mention one thing - I have a GeForce4, not GeForce2. The trick worked though, however with one problem - it lasts until I exit the GUI. whenever I restart the OS (GUI), it welcoms me with a “hi, did you miss your good ol’ 60 Hz?”. And I have to change the frequency again. Not a big deal, now, but it will becom boring and bothering if I start using QNX often ;)