QNX 6.5 Mom 4.7 - HOW to attach to a running process?

QNX 6.5, Momentics 4.7, developing on an embedded iMX-53 as a device controller, communicating with board over ethernet, using both serial and network (PuTTY) consoles.

App consists of several executables running independently and communicating via QNX messaging.

Able to build and run the executables on the target from Momentics, also able to build with debugging included and then start any of the executables running from the Momentics / GDB debugger.

However no matter what I do I can not figure out how to attach the debugger to a process that’s already running. Every time I think I have it figured out, it ends up starting another instance of the executable on the target board, which of course interferes with the executable already running.

I have read through the QNX 6.5 IDE User Guide’s section on debugging and have searched this forum and the net with Google. Everything I see either doesn’t apply to my version of QNX/Momentics, or applies to some other platform like Blackberry, or just simply doesn’t work. Closest I could find was a thread by CptanPanic from last February, but his solution didn’t work for me.

Can someone please point me to the place in the QNX/Momentics documentation, or some website somewhere, that explains exactly how to do this with 6.5/4.7?

This can’t be this hard. :-\


I’ve never used 6.5 & 4.7 but the doc’s here seem to indicate it changed slightly.

qnx.com/developers/docs/6.5. … IDE47.html

and this is what you need to do (from one of the links on the above page). Strange to me you need memory analysis to attach to a running process but maybe you need that now.

qnx.com/developers/docs/6.5. … lloc_.html