Why is Mozilla a part of the QNX Momentics NC for Neutrino package? It doesn’t seem to belong there and makes it hard to uninstall.

Your absolutly right - it should not be bundeled with the Momentics package.

The momentics bundle contains items that are useful for developement (GCC, GDB, etc). Mozilla is not directly useful for developement.


And whats the sense of the bundles anyway!

Many users may for whatever reason may wish to have a certain portion of the bundle removed.

The problem? This is currently not reasonably possible - that is you cannot remove one compoent of the bundle without removing the entire bundle - which can be quite annoying.

My suggestion to QSS[L]: Make it so a developer can “break” the bundle in qnxinstall by allowing them to remove/disable a compoent of a bundle or else remove the concept of bundles as a whole. Being forced to have an outdated copy of anything on a system can irritate the senses of a developer, and an irriated developer is not a happy developer.

Mozilla is an excellent example of why a bundle should be breakable. It’s quite evident QSS[L] is not providing the matance that Mozilla requires (The current release is 1.1 beta - QSS[L]'s current release is 0.9.8). 3rd parties have provided updated versions which work along side the existing installation - but we both know thats not the way it should work.


(Please don’t misconstrude that last sentence :confused: )

TheAlien: Would it be possible to remove the QSSL mozilla by removing its directory in /pkgs and then removing all mention of it from the file that has a list of packages installed (I forget what that file is called right now)? Or would the package manager mess up or something else bad happen?

You could do that - but dealing with the package filesystem by hand is not somthing anyone should be forced to do - to do it properly you would not just end up deleting a few files and directories - you’d also end up editing various manafests.

It’s just not a pretty thing to do, and it should not be an acceptable option.

Yes, QNX should definetly do away with bundling software like this! It makes managing packages a nightmare…

How does one uninstall Mozilla 0.98
I’ve tried installing 1.4 for 6.2.1 but .98 won’t go away :frowning:

Install 1.3 first, then install 1.4.

Thanks, that did the trick.

As an aside, 1.4 is totally cool.