export DISPLAY to local desktop

I have been trying to forward X like you would for linux such as Red Hat, but it will not display the x application. I have been trying to pull up ped from a remote QNX machine. The steps i have taken have included ssh, rsh, and telnet and non work. Here are the steps

I log into the QNX machine using ssh, rsh, or telnet
ssh -X (-X usually forwards the x display to local desktop …didn;'t work)
export DISPLAY=:0.0
xhosts + (on the local machine (which is a RH9 machine)
ped (try to run ped on the QNX machine)

Thanks ahead for the help


that only works if you run an X application. but ped is a photon application. You could try phinx (photon in X), but if you all need is a GUI editor, you could just use nedit, which is X based and your export DISPLAY trick will actually work :slight_smile: