Beginner question - vc.h?

Hey folks. I’m probably missing something stupid, but I sure can’t find it in the help system. 6.2.1 here, bash 2.05b has an i386-nto-qnx target (hooray) that looks for sys/vc.h. I found no vc.h anywhere. I’m positive I’ve got all the developer kit stuff installed, checked twice just in case. What is vc.h? Is there a replacement? Thanks.

cdm has ported bash to QNX 6 and you can install it from the 3rd party CD.

Looks like he hasn’t submitted his patches ;) hint hint …

Probably should’ve mentioned, 6.2.1NC. Heh. Yes, patches would be nice… ;)

As I mentioned, you can install the pre-compiled bash package for QNX 6 from the 3rd party CD.
if you don’t want to download the whole CD, you can just point your installer to the online repository … sitory.qrm

If you really want to compile from the source yourself, you can find the patched bash source on the 3rd party CD.

Yeah, the only “patch” is to undo the damage the QNX4 porter did. It detects QNX6 as QNX4 and that is why it is looking for the vc.h header.