Make Static Route Persistent Over Reboots

As requested by Tim, can you execute “df” command on your QNX system to show which file systems are active ?


/dev/etfs6 11776 1156 10620 10% /aram0/
/dev/etfs4 1920 106 1814 6% /ram0/
/dev/etfs2 122880 57712 65168 47% /ffs0/
/dev/etfs6 11960 11960 0 100% (/aram0/)
/dev/etfs5 0 0 0 100%
/dev/etfs4 1950 1950 0 100% (/ram0/)
/dev/etfs3 0 0 0 100%
/dev/etfs2 124800 124800 0 100% (/ffs0/)
/dev/etfs1 8320 8320 0 100%

It looks like you get a “Flash File System” on your machine.

To go further, can you send me the content of /proc/boot/.scritp file in a private message ?
Copy/paste will not work as this is a binary file (with text inside).
This script file is executed at startup. Decoding it will show what’s executed at startup. Maybe another writeable script file is executed from it.
Beware that this file can contain private data so you might not want to share it.

Sent. Thanks!

Ok, so here is your .script content :

procmgr_symlink ../../proc/boot/ /usr/lib/
reopen /dev/serconsole
display_msg Welcome to QNX Neutrino 6.4 on the NPM 2xx (ppc405)

ksh /sys/bin/rc.local
ksh /sys/bin/tinit &

In order of execution :

  • The fisrt line is always there in .script files. : is redirected to
  • optslotscan and dbgjmpr are executed.
  • Standard input, standard output, and standard error are redirected to /dev/serconsole
  • Display the Welcome message
  • Execute /sys/bin/rc.local through ksh
  • Execute /sys/bin/tinit through ksh in background

ksh refers to /proc/boot/ksh

optslotscan and dbgjmpr are executed with no environment variables defined.

/sys/bin/rc.local and /sys/bin/tinit are executed with the following environment variables :