How to start QNX programming for Realtime and Embedded syst.

Hello All

I would like to ask, how is the easiest way to start programming QNX on Realtime and Embedded systems. I have more than 5 years expierence with Microchip PIC’s programming (12bit and 14bit core) with asm and C, but never tryed QNX or anothers RTOS.
As about my expierence with PIC’s, may thoughts are, that at first I should buy some books, then development board, soft (or maybe separate: development board, emulator, programmer, soft) and start coding by samples. The main problem is, that for hobyist development boards with QNX support (as I know) are quite expensive.
So, I would like to ask comunity about the others, not so expensive ways (I saw QNX on ipaq project, maybe it could be a case to begin) to learn QNX programming for Realtime and Embeddedsystems and what kind of development platform (x86, arm, …) did you sugest ?

Thanks for all

One advantage of QNX is that it is self hosted. This means you can install it on your desktop PC and learn while you use it.

Assuming you are running a PC, I would suggest you free up some space on your hard drive (use Partition Magic), download the NC version of QNX (it’s free for NonCommercial use) and install it.

At that point, you are using QNX, you have access to all the online docs, you can experiment to your hearts content and certainly come back here and ask any questions you have.